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This awkward?

I don’t know why they are awkward. Around here Beverly does a great job decorating and getting cake and cookies and all of that…but, it’s even worse if its your birthday.  Every year I think, I don’t want to be the reason these people are forced in here to be uncomfortable.  

Besides, what am I, 7?  I need a birthday party at the office?  I wouldnt have a birthday party at all if my grandkids didn’t insist.

So I’m reading this article and thinking…this could be my ticket.

A guy in Kentucky sued his employer for a birthday party that he didn’t want and won a $450,000 judgment! Almost HALF A MILLION!

The man said he told his employer, that birthday parties trigger his anxiety disorder and that he could likely have a panic attack from “being the center of attention”.  He asked that his bosses not hold a party for him.

His employer threw one anyway.  He had a panic attack.

The next day, the man’s employer “confronted and criticized” him over his reaction to the birthday party – which only caused another panic attack.  After asking his boss to stop, the employee was then sent home for the next two days, and that weekend, he was notified that he was being fired “because of the events of the previous week.”  

He sued for “disability discrimination and retaliation” and a jury awarded him $450,000. 

I would never sue over an office birthday party…for one, I don’t have an anxiety disorder but the main reason is Beverly is too sweet a human to disappoint like that….