Jacksonville Radio

One of the hosts of the Fox and Friends show on FOX news has a house in Ponte Vedra Beach.
Apparently he doesn’t like Jacksonville.  He said on his show that Jacksonville is “a mess and needs to be revitalized”

As you might expect, City leaders are not amused.  

I’m thinking…the guy visits Ponte Vedra now and then and feels like he’s qualified to make a judgement on the entire city?  Come live in the city with the rest of us sometime and see what the city is really like.  
I have good people where I live.  Is Jacksonville perfect?  Certainly not…but as far as I’m concerned…. it’s a good place to be.  

Do agree with this guy?

Do you believe there are things that can and should be corrected about Jacksonville, but it’s certainly worth living in?

Or, do you think this guy should be cancelled for his comment?