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It’s everywhere and everyone is talking about it, even if they’re not English. It’s truly the end of an age. Queen Elizabeth II, one of the most iconic figured of both the 20th and 21st centuries, has died. She was 96. She passed quietly yesterday afternoon. Her family had all come in at the doctors request and most all of them were with her.

She was Queen of England for 70 years. Just think all that has happened and changed in the last 70 years! She was crowned in 1952. So, what’s happened in the world since she has been queen?

The Civil Rights movement, the first successful human organ transplant, The Vietnam War, Women’s Rights. Di you know we didn’t have container ships until 1956? She was there for all of that! Not to mention the Space Race, the Cuban Missle Crisis, the Cold war, the fall of the Soviet Union, Desert Storm, 9/11… all manner of events and changes that completely transformed our world.

Elizabeth guided her country through it all, while not even being an elected political official. It’s like being responsible for something you don’t really have the power to operate. She did all of this while raising four children and a ton of grand and great grand children and dealing with everyday family issues just like everyone else.

We pray for her family and her greater family, the whole of the UK and all the Commonwealth. A great world leader and even better person has passed on.