Jacksonville Radio

All this talk about football, but there’s a Regional Little League Tournament happening right now!

I only bring this up because of what happened at one of the games.

Isaiah is up to bat… the pitch is thrown anddddd it knocks Isaiah in the head. His helmet fly’s off and Isaiah hits the ground. Coaches run over to make sure he’s okay. He brushes it off, he’s a little shaky but he takes his base. Meanwhile, the pitcher is pretty shook up. He feels terrible! Remember, this is a Little League team.

The pitcher starts to cry. Hard. It’s one of those cries that you can’t even hide. Isaiah, the one that got hit, leaves the base and walks over to the pitcher. He hugs him and tells him, “Hey, you’re doing great!”

Afterwards, Isaiah said he wanted to make sure the pitcher knew he was okay and let him know how great of a job he was doing.

We hear about sportsmanship, but that was above and beyond!