Jacksonville Radio

We are a week away from Black Friday! A week away from stores, over-run with frantic shoppers, trying to entice you into buying whatever items they have with the highest profit margin…. or are we? This Black Friday may look a little different.

Both shoppers and stores are scaling back this year. They say 30% of us are planning to buy fewer gifts and spend less on each gift this year.

Have you noticed how many stores held their Black Friday sales last October? Both Walmart and Amazon have already done their Black Friday deals. They’re saying this is because we have all suffered through the ‘Supply Chain Issues’, union strikes and constant threats of a government shutdown. There is no indication those problems are over.

Even gift returns are expected to be way easier this year. Some of the delivery options are offering to come pick your stuff up and return it for you for $5 an item!

Happy shopping and returning!