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A lot of families are starting to plan their summer vacations. If a commercial flight is part of your plan, here are some helpful tips from flight attendants:

  1. Make sure your tickets fare allows you to pick your seats ahead of time. The last thing you need is to get separated once you’re on the flight.
  2. While you’re at it, choose your seats wisely. It’s usually a good idea to get seats near the restroom with kids.
  3. If your flight isn’t full, you may be able to move to a less crowded part of the plane. Strike up a conversation with the gate agent and let them know you have a child and ask if there is a part of the plane you could sit in that is less crowded.
  4. Know you can bring your own formula, breastmilk, cow’s milk, water or baby food on board. Don’t rely on the airline to supply it. The typical plane doesn’t carry much of this and what little they have, they’ll run out pretty quickly.
  5. Cut back on screen time before the flight. It makes them hungrier for the screen and they’ll stay attached to it longer on the flight.
  6. Pack a bunch of snacks and let them eat or drink during takeoff and landing. It helps distract them during the shaking and noise and helps keep their ears from popping too badly.