Jacksonville Radio

 You’ve heard that LeBron James just broke the all time points scored record in the NBA.  

Who previously held that record?  Kareem Abdul Jabar.  So people started asking…how does Kareem feel about this…I read an article Kareem wrote on just that subject…Here’s a little part of it.

I love Earvin Magic Johnson and he recently said I would be very upset about someone breaking my record.  Well, Magic, after forty years of friendship, you know me pretty well.  But, in this case, you are very, very wrong. I don’t blame Magic for thinking that I might be bothered because he knows how competitive I used to be. And, if someone had broken my record within ten years of me setting it, he would probably be right. I might have hobbled out of retirement just to add a few more points on my record.

“But that ain’t me today. I’m 75. The only time I ever think of the record is when someone brings it up. I retired from the NBA 34 years ago. For the past 20 years, I’ve occupied myself with social activism, my writing career, and my family—especially my three grandchildren. If I had a choice of having my scoring record remain intact for another hundred years or spend one afternoon with my grandchildren, I’d be on the floor in seconds stacking Legos and eating Uncrustables.”