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Tropical Storm Idalia: Ways to Help


The state of Florida has launched its Florida Disaster Fund to help Idalia-affected communities. It is part of the Volunteer Florida Foundation. The American Red Cross is once again accepting donations to help people who were impacted by Idalia’s path. You can mark it specifically for “Hurricane Idalia” using the website’s dropdown. If you don’t want to […]

ARTIST SUBMISSIONS: Sharing Hope Music Festival

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Thank you for your interest in the Sharing Hope Music Festival The purpose of this event is to highlight local talent and give you the opportunity to share the hope you have with others.   The Basics: The event will be Saturday October 7th at Francis Field in St Augustine.  It will consist of local talent […]

Are you blessed?

You’ve, no doubt, heard CAIN’s song “I’m So Blessed”, It is trending on social media as people all over are taking to the digital world to share how blessed they are. Want to join in the fun? Call our ‘I’m So Blessed’ line at 904-877-4688 and leave a message telling us how you have been […]

Get to Know David Crowder

The Singer David Crowder sitting in a big Red chair

David Crowder is headlining Winter Jam 2024! Hear the Christmas traditions he grew up with and what he likes to do now with his own family.

Doom Spending

A lady walking out of a store with shopping bags in her hands

While 96% of Americans are worried about the economy, more than 25% of people are “Doom Spending”. It means they’re spending more despite those same economic concerns. Who’s behind the Doom Spending? Young adults… and leading the pack… Gen-Zers. 73% of them say they’d rather live and spend in the moment.

Radio Works to Drive Business Forward

Tapping into radio’s loyal, attentive, and social audience yields a boost to the bottom line Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB The current economic environment and consumer concerns over inflation are challenging marketers and media alike to do more with less in an increasingly complicated and competitive marketplace. Add to that the ongoing threat of another … Continue reading “Radio Works to Drive Business Forward”

How Does Your Dinner Look?

A man heating up a stove top so he can start cooking

A new survey finds that 6 out of 10 of adults eat the same dinner four times a week. I’m not surprised by the stats at all! The two biggest factors for eating the same meal: Being too tired to cook and a lack of planning. The study says that just under half of us […]

USPS Operation Santa

Santa Clause standing by piles of letters

Looking for a way to give this year? USPS Operation Santa is looking to spread a little bit of Christmas cheer this year! You can step in and help. The postal service collects letters kids send to Santa and gives us an opportunity to help these kids. They post the relevant portions of the letters […]

Radio Puts a Bow on Holiday Gift Shopping

Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB With Thanksgiving behind us, it means that the holiday shopping frenzy is just beginning, or is it? If you are following consumer sentiment reports, it is anyone’s guess as to how “frenzied” it will be. Retailers will need to be diligent about product promotions and sales and where they promote … Continue reading “Radio Puts a Bow on Holiday Gift Shopping”

Honda Recall

The front of a Honda Vehicle

Honda’s recalling select 2023-24 Accords and HR-V’s due to a missing piece in the front seatbelts that could lead to injury. The seatbelts’ pretensioners could be missing a rivet that could prevent passengers from being properly restrained during a crash. Honda’s reported seven warranty claims but no injuries so far. If you own a newer […]

North Florida Neighborhood talks to Lutheran Social Services

A group of people around a big truck that says Lutheran Social Services

“We have been in the community for over 40 years now. We’re just here to help. We’ve recognized these needs in the community and we have created programs to meet those needs.” – Laura Cook, Refugee Resettlement Director Lutheran Social Services is motivated and guided by the compassion of Christ to serve and care for […]

North Florida Neighborhood talks to Better Together

The Logo that says Better Together

“This is something that families go into because they believe they need additional support. There are no mandated items that the family has to check off in order to be reunified with their children.” – Dr. Standralyn Terry, Executive Director Better Together is here to prevent child abuse and neglect before it happens and match […]

Man Leaves Fortune

Man riding lawn mower

We’ve just come off of a holiday where we think of everything we have to be thankful for … and now today is Cyber Monday where we buy more stuff. I think this story is pretty timely. Mr. Holt recently passed away. He was 82 and lived in a small town. He left the town […]

What dogs CAN’T eat during Thanksgiving

A dog begging for scraps at a table

If you’re thinking you won’t have to vacuum after Thanksgiving dinner because your sweet little pup will take care of what everyone dropped… think again. There are actually a ton of Thanksgiving foods that your dog shouldn’t be eating! We’ll start with one of the biggest No No’s… Turkey Bones…. the bones can easily break, puncturing your little guy’s tummy on […]

Store Hours for Black Friday

A group of people shopping in a store

Most retailers have pulled a 180 degree turn. They’re allowing their employees to enjoy Thanksgiving Day with their families. Less than a decade ago, many big stores opened on Thanksgiving afternoon for shoppers to take advantage of Black Friday deals, but online shopping has reduced the need for a big rush. Don’t get to your […]