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Tropical Storm Idalia: Ways to Help


The state of Florida has launched its Florida Disaster Fund to help Idalia-affected communities. It is part of the Volunteer Florida Foundation. The American Red Cross is once again accepting donations to help people who were impacted by Idalia’s path. You can mark it specifically for “Hurricane Idalia” using the website’s dropdown. If you don’t want to […]

ARTIST SUBMISSIONS: Sharing Hope Music Festival

Sharing Hope logo

Thank you for your interest in the Sharing Hope Music Festival The purpose of this event is to highlight local talent and give you the opportunity to share the hope you have with others.   The Basics: The event will be Saturday October 7th at Francis Field in St Augustine.  It will consist of local talent […]

Are you blessed?

You’ve, no doubt, heard CAIN’s song “I’m So Blessed”, It is trending on social media as people all over are taking to the digital world to share how blessed they are. Want to join in the fun? Call our ‘I’m So Blessed’ line at 904-877-4688 and leave a message telling us how you have been […]

Which is Healthier?

A spoon of white rice and a spoon of brown rice

It’s an age old argument… which is better for you, White Rice or Brown Rice? Many of us have always been told that Brown Rice is healthier. We now have the facts! White rice is just brown rice… with the outer husk taken off. It’s essentially the SAME THING! Which means it doesn’t make a […]

Get to Know Jeremy Camp

The singer Jeremy Camp

Jeremy Camp shares the traveling he has been doing with his family along with a piece of marriage advice after celebrating 20 years of marriage!

New Hurricane Category

A weather photo of a hurricanes path

It feels like the last hurricane season just ended and before we know it, we’ll be preparing for the next one. Scientists are thinking about making changes to the upcoming Hurricane Seasons… As of right now, the highest hurricane category is a Category 5. We’ve seen a few of those and know the kind of […]

Get to Know Matt Maher

The singer, Matt Maher

Matt Maher shares a fancy new trick he learned on his iPhone and things he does to stay present with his family

Political Ads in 2024: Don’t Forget Your Own Backyard.

Contributor: Steve Passwaiter, President, Silver Oak Political The Opportunity: We all know it. The projections are everywhere. Political ad experts are estimating spending ranging from $10 to $16 billion during the 2024 political cycle. A sizable portion of that will end up as part of what looks to be a rematch between our current and … Continue reading “Political Ads in 2024: Don’t Forget Your Own Backyard.”

Bald Eagle Nest

A Bald Eagle sitting in a nest on their eggs while it snows.

The latest viral video on the internet is actually one you may want to check out. It’s the newest Bald Eagle nest, this time in California waiting for Eagles Eggs to hatch. This one started when the eagle laid three eggs, instead of the traditional 2. For those who know a lot about eagles, three […]

North Florida Neighborhood talks to Act Nualej

A little girl Getting her hair done at a salon

“Just little things like that, that a parent may not understand, it would take a lot off of that parent! We can teach them these little techniques and let them know things that will bring comfort to the child.” – Vanonda Fielder, Founder Act Nualej is here to help displaced children of all ethnicities by […]

AT&T Apology

The Logo for AT&T

AT&T has apologized for its massive outage that left customers unable to make calls, send texts, or access the internet last week. More than 74,000 customers reported outages! To apologize, AT&T sent out a text that said, “We believe the outage was caused by the application and execution of an incorrect process used as we […]

Radio Digital Revenue Grew by 6.8%: Insights from the Borrell-RAB Digital Benchmarking Report

Contributors: Todd Kalman, SVP sales, Marketron, and Beth Osborne, director, marketing and content, Marketron Now in its 12th year, the Borrell-RAB digital benchmarking for radio delivered intelligence and learnings for the local media sales industry. One of the most exciting revelations was that radio digital revenue increased by 6.8%, besting the overall market of 5.4%. … Continue reading “Radio Digital Revenue Grew by 6.8%: Insights from the Borrell-RAB Digital Benchmarking Report”

Hero Bus Driver

A bus driver with one of the kids holding up pajamas

Remember certain dress up days at school? It was pretty embarrassing if you were the only one not dressed up, especially when you’re in 1st grade. It seems like your whole life is over! Levi is in 1st grade and was waiting at his bus stop. The bus driver noticed Levi wasn’t his normal happy […]

Angry Emails

Someone stressed out looking at their computer

Before you send every email, but especially the angry ones, do these 2 things: