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Part of a new year is re-evaluating what you are doing and how it is working.  Many, if not all, of us re-evaluate our health and what we are doing to maintain it.  

A local Jacksonville business to look into is Bold City Health.  They say, “Our mission is to restore hope and provoke change to allow people to reach their God-given potential. Our vision is to create a community that focuses on living their best life through an intentional focus on health.” – Bold City Health

Dr. Erin Zovath and her husband, Fitness Trainer Zach, opened Bold City Health 10 years ago and just upgraded the facility about a year ago.  

State-of-the-art equipment, a place for children to play and even a small nursery so the kids can stay active while you are in treatment.  

Remember when we got some goodies from Bold City Bakery a while back?  That’s Zach’s Mom!  The two businesses are in the same building.

Dr. Zorvath says, God created our amazing bodies to heal and persevere” … and that’s what they want to help you do.  

You can follow them on Instagram @boldcity for up-to-date news on their events and specials.