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Graduation season is pretty much over for this year, which means we can talk about this without putting any ideas in kids heads.

Senior Pranks! Gary said “Back in my day we would prank our rival school. Not our own school.” No matter who you pranked, or what your prank was, you have to admit this one was pretty clever!

A Maryland school was listed for sale on Zillow as a Senior Prank. Meade High School’s listing read that it served as a “half-working jail”, and that “all 15 bathrooms come with sewage issues.” The listing asked just over $42,000 for the school. A pretty good bargin in today’s world!

The listing also included “a complementary trash scented air freshener and water issues”.

The best part about the prank was the fact that no one got in trouble! The Principal said “No one was hurt, no property was damaged and it was very creative!”