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It’s about that time where we start to sign our kids up for summer camps! There are so many great ones to chose from!

Day camps are great, and so are sleep away camps but they can be pretty intimidating, especially for a first timer! If you’re signing your child up for their first sleep away camp, here’s some tips on how to help them ease the nerves.

If the camp is close by, bring them over and have them tour the facility! It’s so helpful being able to see so they’ll know what to expect when drop off day comes.

As a parent, hide little notes in their suitcase! This will help calm their nerves while they’re actually at camp. A little note goes a long way and will help them find comfort while being away from home.

A big one (for the parents) is KEEP IT TOGETHER! Kids feed off of your anxiety. If you’re freaking out, then they will to.

And finally, something that always brought me comfort was remind me “We’re only a phone call away”. Just KNOWING your parents are available helps a lot