Jacksonville Radio

This may not have been true a month ago… but today every Jaguar player is a bonafide hero in Jacksonville! We would love to see them go all the way to the Super Bowl, right!?

Maybe the Super Bowl is where heroes go, because that’s where this guy is going!

Jay is a mechanic in Cheektowaga, New York. On Christmas Eve there was a record blizzard in Cheektowaga. There were a couple dozen people stranded on the road because of it. The folks are stranded and the temperature started dropping. Jay knew staying in their cars would not be an option, so he started looking around and saw a school within walking distance.

He literally broke into the building and helped all the stranded people get in and stay out of the life threatening weather outside.

Because of his heroic duty, he had been awarded two tickets to the Super Bowl, thanks to the Buffalo Bills football team.

Jay said he was overwhelmed by the tickets and the number of people who have reached out to thank him. He said he was just happy he didn’t get in trouble for breaking into the building!