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There’s two types of people in this world, those that hold in a sneeze, and those that LET IT OUT! You may want to think twice if you’re one of those that hold it in…

A case report reaffirms one of life’s important lessons: don’t try to hold back a sneeze. Especially don’t do it by plugging up your nose and mouth. The report detailed an otherwise healthy 34-year-old man in the UK who felt a popping, painful sensation in his throat immediately following a sneeze he had tried to stop by sealing off his mouth and nose.

By the time the man made it to the ER, he had lost his voice and was barely able to swallow. Because he was at high risk of a deep neck and chest infection, the man was admitted to the hospital and put on a feeding tube… all because he held in a sneeze!

Thankfully, the man did recover. By day seven, his throat had healed enough that he was taken off the feeding tube and soon after discharged from the hospital – with instructions to avoid holding in his sneezes!