Jacksonville Radio

All of our lives, we have been cheesing our cheeseburger all wrong… well, that’s what some influencer is telling us. He starts off by saying we should NOT place the cheese on the patty while the patty is still on the grill.

He says the grill is too hot and ends up melting the cheese all over the grill, making it too thin on the burger. Instead, he says… : Right before you pull the burger off the grill, put however much cheese you want on the inside surface of the top bun; then pull the burger patty off the grill, lay it down onto the cheese.

THEN load up the bottom bun with the veggies and condiments. Afterwards, put the top half of the burger down onto the bottom half.

The cheese, as it melts, adheres to the top of the bun. There will be uniform cheese thickness across the entire burger, so that as you eat the burger you get the delicious creaminess of cheese in every bite, and a burger that doesn’t slip apart as soon as you lift it for a bite.