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Tropical Storm Idalia: Ways to Help


The state of Florida has launched its Florida Disaster Fund to help Idalia-affected communities. It is part of the Volunteer Florida Foundation. The American Red Cross is once again accepting donations to help people who were impacted by Idalia’s path. You can mark it specifically for “Hurricane Idalia” using the website’s dropdown. If you don’t want to […]

ARTIST SUBMISSIONS: Sharing Hope Music Festival

Sharing Hope logo

Thank you for your interest in the Sharing Hope Music Festival The purpose of this event is to highlight local talent and give you the opportunity to share the hope you have with others.   The Basics: The event will be Saturday October 7th at Francis Field in St Augustine.  It will consist of local talent […]

Are you blessed?

You’ve, no doubt, heard CAIN’s song “I’m So Blessed”, It is trending on social media as people all over are taking to the digital world to share how blessed they are. Want to join in the fun? Call our ‘I’m So Blessed’ line at 904-877-4688 and leave a message telling us how you have been […]

Bus Team Work

A bus in the city

“Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!!” Sounds like something your over ambitious boss would say, right? But in this instance, Teamwork not only made the “Dreamwork”, but it saved a life! An 18 year old was waiting at a bus stop. He went to hop on the bus and something happened… he somehow found himself pinned and […]

Hospital Graduation

2 babies dressed in a cap and gown for graduation

Think back to graduation season… remember how fun and exciting it was! Graduation is a big deal! A graduation was just held for these twins. They graduated from the NICU section of the hospital and they’re going home! After being in NICU for 22 weeks, they’re healthy and stable enough to be sent home with […]

Radio Listeners and Their Fashion Sense

Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB Have you looked in your closet lately and asked yourself, “Will I ever wear that again?” Clothing styles and trends have changed a lot in the past years. A search for sneakers will deliver options – athletic, fashion, walking and even dress. After the pandemic, clothing sales spiked. Consumers were … Continue reading “Radio Listeners and Their Fashion Sense”

A Happy Ending

A little girl sitting on the couch by a big dog

Here’s a story to pull at the heartstrings with a happy ending, all thanks to the family dog. A two year old, Thea, wandered away from her families home one night last week with the families two dogs… Emergency services brought out drones and police dogs searching for her. About four hours later, near midnight, […]

North Florida Neighborhood talk to The Aidyn Mae Hope Fund

A family of 5 playing on a bed together

“The FOXG1 gene is found in the brain and is responsible for creating a vital protein crucial for normal brain development and functionality.” – Daryl Gottlieb, Founder The Aidyn Mae Hope Fund is designed to focus primarily on funding aggressive research and treatment for rare diseases. Daryl Gottlieb from The Aidyn Mae Hope Fund shares: […]

Worst Dad Jokes of the Year

A dad laughing with his son

Do you need helping telling bad jokes? We’ve got you covered. The worst dad jokes of the year have been compiled. The worst joke of 2023 is: “I could tell it had been raining cats and dogs – I nearly stepped in a poodle!” Pretty bad… we know. Here was the First Runner up: “Doctor: […]

Most Unusual Pet Insurance Claims of 2023

A group of dogs and their owners playing

Nationwide Insurance has announces its finalists for the 2023 Hambone Award, which highlights the most unusual pet insurance claims of the year. They include: All 12 finalists recovered from their injuries and one will take home the Hambone Trophy! The winner’s owner will also receive a gift card and Nationwide will make a donation to […]

93 Year Old Summits Yosemite

Three people sitting at the top of Yosemite

Everett is 93 years old. What does a 93 year old want for his birthday? To climb a 9 thousand foot rock! Everett said this was the first thing that popped into his head when he was asked what he wanted to do for his birthday. So his son and granddaughter went with him to […]

Get to Know Demi Tebow

A photo of Demi Tebow

Demi was born and raised in South Africa. After winning Miss. South Africa, she secured the title of Miss. Universe! As she gears up for her Unbreakable Conference, hear what “Breakable” moment Demi had and how she was able to over come it.

September is Suicide Prevention Month

A logo for the Suicide Prevention Hotline

September is Suicide Prevention Month… Here’s a story to help us refocus this month: A young girl, Trieste, was having a really bad day….during a really bad time in her life.She had just gone through a very bad relationship break up. She was at work, but didn’t have a driver license so she depended on […]

Tricks to Fall Back Asleep

A lady in bed with the covers pulled up to her eyes but not sleeping

Waking up in the middle of the night is a pain, but not being able to fall back asleep only makes it worse! Sleep experts recommend trying these tricks to get you back to sleep without the help of sleeping pills:

What to Know to Drive Auto Sales

Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB Purchasing or leasing a vehicle remains one of the events in life that consumers either look forward to or dread. There are so many options and considerations that can be overwhelming, and the current economic landscape and events can make it more challenging for auto-intending consumers to decide and commit. … Continue reading “What to Know to Drive Auto Sales”