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We’re seeing it at our own beaches… the lifeguard shortages. It’s affecting the whole country. There’s only so much we can do and helping looks different for everyone.

For one person, it looks like coming out of retirement!

Mrs. Robinson was a lifeguard when she was 16 and remembers loving it! She’s been retired from that for quite sometime. Now she has six grandkids and is 70 years old.

She’s decided it’s time to pick up her rescue buoy and get back to the lifeguard chair! She lives in Philadelphia and said “I want to do something for my kids and my community.” Since so many pools have been closed because of the lifeguard shortages, gun violence has soared. She said, “The kids have nowhere to go so they’re getting into trouble.”

If you’re worried about whether or not Robin’s still “Got It”, oh, she totally does! She has passed the qualifying lifeguard test!