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Current news, information and insights about broadcast radio growth brought to you by the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), a not-for-profit trade association representing America’s broadcast radio industry.

Be a Marketing Resource for Your Advertisers: Here’s How
Contributor: Bo Bandy, GM Digital & SVP Marketing, Marketron Building relationships with your clients starts and ends with earning their trust. Being transparent, asking the right questions and sharing informed recommendations can make you a valuable resource. Over time you become an ally because the connection is much more than transactional.  So, what are the … Continue reading "Be a Marketing Resource for Your Advertisers: Here’s How"
Turn Up the Music!
Author: Nick Arias, Research & Insights Assistant, RAB Don’t you love it when your favorite song comes on the radio? There is nothing better than turning the volume up and singing out loud! If one thing is clear, it’s that music lovers have a great relationship with radio.    While there are different options for people … Continue reading "Turn Up the Music!"
Radio and Small Businesses are Perfect Partners
Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB During the pandemic, while many businesses were impacted, the role that small local business within communities was magnified. Many small businesses had to pivot to survive or struggled to keep their doors open. Defined as independent companies with 500 employees or less according to the Small Business Association, the U.S. … Continue reading "Radio and Small Businesses are Perfect Partners"
Radio Can Help Promote Springtime Businesses
Author: Victor Texcucano, Content Coordinator, RAB Spring is in the air. The weather is warming up, and flowers are blooming. It’s finally that time of the year when we can enjoy the outdoors. Now’s the time when people will begin lawn maintenance, growing fruits and veggies or just relaxing on their porch. As is typical … Continue reading "Radio Can Help Promote Springtime Businesses"
Today’s Lesson: Radio Works for Education
Contributor: David Schapira, senior vice president of strategy and operations, AnalyticOwl, There have never been more options for students to search for the right school or program for higher education. Conversely, the space has never been more crowded, making the right approach to reaching and converting those students more important than ever to drive enrollment.  … Continue reading "Today’s Lesson: Radio Works for Education"
Reaching the Cost-Conscious Consumer
Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB Eggs! Have you ever heard so many people talking about the price of eggs? If you do an internet search on eggs, you will probably get “fed” articles on chicken coops. That’s right – people think it is better to buy a coop than to buy eggs. Although it is … Continue reading "Reaching the Cost-Conscious Consumer"
In Person or Online? Here’s What Auto Buyers Prefer
Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB If you have spoken with anyone who has purchased or leased any vehicle within the past year, you will probably hear about the highs and lows of the process. While inventory may not be as big a challenge as it has been in years past, there are other difficulties. There … Continue reading "In Person or Online? Here’s What Auto Buyers Prefer"
Top Cultural Trends of 2023
Contributors: Maxine Gurevich, SVP/Cultural Intelligence and Courtney Mota, VP/Cultural Intelligence, Horizon Media In 2022, we saw several pivotal events — the overturning of a 50-year law by the U.S. Supreme Court, Elon Musk’s seemingly impulsive Twitter takeover, FTX’s high-profile collapse, nationally televised hearings of the January 6th Committee and a contentious mid-term election. These are the … Continue reading "Top Cultural Trends of 2023"
Radio Digital Ads to Generate $2B for Stations in 2023
Contributor: Bo Bandy, SVP of marketing, GM Digital, Marketron The 11th annual RAB-Borrell digital benchmarking report for radio didn’t disappoint with its insights for the industry. Of those, the projection for radio digital advertising hitting $2 billion in 2023 certainly deserves attention. The revenue generated by this segment is impressive. In 2022,19% of total ad … Continue reading "Radio Digital Ads to Generate $2B for Stations in 2023: Uncovering Insights in the RAB-Borrell Annual Benchmarking Report"
Radio – An Auto Service Opportunity Driver
Without a doubt, the auto industry has experienced unusual activity and profitability the past few years. Chip shortages created limited inventory for dealers, but as consumer demands increased, so did vehicle purchase costs. According to a J.P. Morgan Research analysis, the average cost for a new vehicle was up over … Continue reading "Radio – An Auto Service Opportunity Driver"
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It has been proven time and again that innovation drives growth. In fact, according to Kantar BrandZ, brands that continue to innovate in difficult times and beyond grow seven times faster than competitors. The same is true for media brands. As the media landscape continues to be disrupted, audio is innovating and providing new channels for growth, new listeners to connect with, and new creators that deliver exceptional, must-consume content. No wonder its forecast for growth is solid.
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The holiday haze has finally lifted, and routines are back in full swing. Some folks are talking about a “dry” January or working on those resolutions they made. January is a month when people regroup and reset for the year ahead. Towards the end of 2022, Nielsen released data about radio and audio audiences. In the spirit of regrouping and resetting, here are some data points from those reports that serve as reminder of all that broadcast radio (across platforms) has to offer.
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As a new year begins, this is a time to reflect on the health of our businesses. Fundamental to this checkup is applauding the meaningful work that defines a business’ culture. Frequently, cause-connected partnerships set local radio stations apart in their communities increasing positive listener sentiment, fostering employee engagement and generating business value.
Radio and That ‘Just Right’ Feeling
“Ahhhh, this chair is just right.” Goldilocks knew exactly what was comfortable to her. How many of us have understood that statement whenever we looked at, sat in or laid on a piece of furniture or bedding? As the new year approaches, consumers will be reevaluating more than their waistlines, but also where they eat, sit and sleep (hello, January white sales). People buy furniture for any number of reasons. They buy furniture because they are relocating, because a significant other moves in or just simple wear and tear. Nearly one tenth of Americans make furniture purchases in a typical month
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Today’s economic environment is causing Americans to view examine their finances and the institutions they use for savings. According to Northwestern Mutual’s 2022 Planning and Progress study, the average amount of savings dropped from $73,000 in 2021 to $62,000. According to this study, the impact of the current economic uncertainty has caused Americans to review their habits. Nearly half (48%) have adapted to the situation, and nearly three-quarters stated that they have adopted better financial habits.
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Radio continues to be a channel that engages and influences listeners across all demographics. While much has changed since its inception, radio holds strong as a medium that people trust and truly tune in to, making it a great opportunity for any advertiser. This connection is apparent in various advertiser categories. Radio is rarely ever niche because the listenership often consists of many demographics. Its reach continues to be unmatched. Broadcast radio reaches 220 million adults 18 and older every week.
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Halloween is almost here. To some, that brings images of candy and costumes, but to others, it means that holiday shopping is about to begin. Holiday shopping is top-of-mind for many, especially this year. Inflation and continued supply chain concerns will influence and impact those holiday shopping lists. Various surveys have pointed to Americans spending either the same or less in 2022. Regardless of how much they spend, retailers will need to work hard to address the concerns that consumers have to gain their trust and their share of holiday spending.