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Current news, information and insights about broadcast radio growth brought to you by the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), a not-for-profit trade association representing America’s broadcast radio industry.

Radio Works to Drive Business Forward
Tapping into radio’s loyal, attentive, and social audience yields a boost to the bottom line Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB The current economic environment and consumer concerns over inflation are challenging marketers and media alike to do more with less in an increasingly complicated and competitive marketplace. Add to that the ongoing threat of another … Continue reading "Radio Works to Drive Business Forward"
Radio Puts a Bow on Holiday Gift Shopping
Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB With Thanksgiving behind us, it means that the holiday shopping frenzy is just beginning, or is it? If you are following consumer sentiment reports, it is anyone’s guess as to how “frenzied” it will be. Retailers will need to be diligent about product promotions and sales and where they promote … Continue reading "Radio Puts a Bow on Holiday Gift Shopping"
Radio Works for Personal Injury Attorneys
Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB This past September, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released vehicular crash statistics for first half 2023. There were just under 20,000 estimated vehicular fatalities from January to June of this year. It is a shocking number, and sadly, it is just 3% lower when compared to 2022. Vehicular accidents … Continue reading "Radio Works for Personal Injury Attorneys"
Radio Listeners are Craving Fast Food
Author: Nick Arias, Research & Insights Assistant, RAB At some point in our lives, we’ve all had a favorite meal from a fast-food restaurant – a hamburger, rib sandwich, chicken or just fries. No matter what the restaurant or meal is, the one thing that people have in common is a love for that favorite … Continue reading "Radio Listeners are Craving Fast Food"
Radio Shines for Jewelry Retailers
Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB Jewelry is a reflection of a person’s individual style. Whether it is a bracelet, ring or watch, it can be a statement of one’s personality or culture, but it can also be reminiscent of a family member. Consumers purchased jewelry for various reasons – sometimes it is because they see … Continue reading "Radio Shines for Jewelry Retailers"
Advertising to Hispanic Audiences: Radio + Digital Is a Powerful Approach
Contributor: Bo Bandy, GM Digital Technology/SVP Marketing, Marketron Segmenting audiences has long been a way for advertisers to create more personalized and relevant promotions. It’s possible to do this in many ways, such as location, interests and demographics. In looking at the demographic angle, one population is becoming more attractive to local businesses every day … Continue reading "Advertising to Hispanic Audiences: Radio + Digital Is a Powerful Approach"
Radio Works for Local and State Government Agencies
Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB Political views and interests by Americans have been the topic of many news articles and stories. Yet, how Americans view their state and local governments has been favorable. According to a Pew Research survey in 2022, 66% of American adults have a favorable view of their local government, and 54% … Continue reading "Radio Works for Local and State Government Agencies"
Scams Targeting Small Businesses
Contributors: Kevin Frisch, Associate and Brad Deutsch, Principal, Foster Garvey PC News outlets regularly discuss the impact of scams and fraud on individuals and high-dollar schemes that target large and established companies make headlines. However, less attention is paid to lower dollar frauds and scams targeting small businesses. Small business personnel may be more likely … Continue reading "Scams Targeting Small Businesses"
Radio listeners are packing it up!
Author: Victor Texcucano, Content Coordinator, RAB Stay-at-home orders are but a distant memory in the minds of the average consumer. People are ready to see attractions near and far from their homes. Consumers are ready to relax on the beach, take a trek through the mountains or travel for shopping excursions on Rodeo Drive or … Continue reading "Radio listeners are packing it up!"
Radio Listeners and Their Fashion Sense
Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB Have you looked in your closet lately and asked yourself, “Will I ever wear that again?” Clothing styles and trends have changed a lot in the past years. A search for sneakers will deliver options – athletic, fashion, walking and even dress. After the pandemic, clothing sales spiked. Consumers were … Continue reading "Radio Listeners and Their Fashion Sense"
What to Know to Drive Auto Sales
Author: Annette Malave, SVP/Insights, RAB Purchasing or leasing a vehicle remains one of the events in life that consumers either look forward to or dread. There are so many options and considerations that can be overwhelming, and the current economic landscape and events can make it more challenging for auto-intending consumers to decide and commit. … Continue reading "What to Know to Drive Auto Sales"
Amplifying Brand Buzz: How Radio Redefines Conversations and Influence
Harness Radio’s Unique Ability to Fuel Purchase Intent and More Contributor: Vanessa Lontoc, VP of Marketing, Engagement Labs In the ever-evolving landscape of media impact, radio emerges as a potent catalyst for brand conversations. The study “Radio Drives Brand Conversations,” commissioned by RAB in partnership with Engagement Labs, dives deep into radio’s role in driving … Continue reading "Amplifying Brand Buzz: How Radio Redefines Conversations and Influence"
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It has been proven time and again that innovation drives growth. In fact, according to Kantar BrandZ, brands that continue to innovate in difficult times and beyond grow seven times faster than competitors. The same is true for media brands. As the media landscape continues to be disrupted, audio is innovating and providing new channels for growth, new listeners to connect with, and new creators that deliver exceptional, must-consume content. No wonder its forecast for growth is solid.
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The holiday haze has finally lifted, and routines are back in full swing. Some folks are talking about a “dry” January or working on those resolutions they made. January is a month when people regroup and reset for the year ahead. Towards the end of 2022, Nielsen released data about radio and audio audiences. In the spirit of regrouping and resetting, here are some data points from those reports that serve as reminder of all that broadcast radio (across platforms) has to offer.
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As a new year begins, this is a time to reflect on the health of our businesses. Fundamental to this checkup is applauding the meaningful work that defines a business’ culture. Frequently, cause-connected partnerships set local radio stations apart in their communities increasing positive listener sentiment, fostering employee engagement and generating business value.
Radio and That ‘Just Right’ Feeling
“Ahhhh, this chair is just right.” Goldilocks knew exactly what was comfortable to her. How many of us have understood that statement whenever we looked at, sat in or laid on a piece of furniture or bedding? As the new year approaches, consumers will be reevaluating more than their waistlines, but also where they eat, sit and sleep (hello, January white sales). People buy furniture for any number of reasons. They buy furniture because they are relocating, because a significant other moves in or just simple wear and tear. Nearly one tenth of Americans make furniture purchases in a typical month
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Today’s economic environment is causing Americans to view examine their finances and the institutions they use for savings. According to Northwestern Mutual’s 2022 Planning and Progress study, the average amount of savings dropped from $73,000 in 2021 to $62,000. According to this study, the impact of the current economic uncertainty has caused Americans to review their habits. Nearly half (48%) have adapted to the situation, and nearly three-quarters stated that they have adopted better financial habits.
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Radio continues to be a channel that engages and influences listeners across all demographics. While much has changed since its inception, radio holds strong as a medium that people trust and truly tune in to, making it a great opportunity for any advertiser. This connection is apparent in various advertiser categories. Radio is rarely ever niche because the listenership often consists of many demographics. Its reach continues to be unmatched. Broadcast radio reaches 220 million adults 18 and older every week.
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Halloween is almost here. To some, that brings images of candy and costumes, but to others, it means that holiday shopping is about to begin. Holiday shopping is top-of-mind for many, especially this year. Inflation and continued supply chain concerns will influence and impact those holiday shopping lists. Various surveys have pointed to Americans spending either the same or less in 2022. Regardless of how much they spend, retailers will need to work hard to address the concerns that consumers have to gain their trust and their share of holiday spending.