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Tis the season! And I’m not just talking about for Christmas trees and Hot Coco, but for the word of the year to be announced. In this years case, we have multiple words…

The Oxford Dictionary is still voting on their word of the year, but it looks like “Metaverse” is going to be the winner.

Collins Dictionary names “Permacrisis” as their word of the year. It’s defined as an extended period of instability and insecurity.

The game Wordle helped inspire another word of the year, “Homer” for being looked up the most in a short period of time. It was one of the words you had to guess and so many people looked it up afterwards to see what it meant. It’s the slang term for hitting a homerun.

The Merriam Webster word of the year is “Gaslighting“. It means behavior that is mind manipulating, grossly misleading and downright deceitful.

Looks like I’ll be adding all of these to my vocabulary!