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It’s a fact…and I find it troubling. Today, most people dine out more than they cook at home. Was one of your resolutions, or even just New Year thoughts…we need to eat at home more?  

Local Jacksonville business Jax Cooking Studio is here to help.  

Terri Davlantes grew up in a large family here in Jacksonville.  She says, ‘The main gathering place for the family of eleven was the kitchen, always abuzz with activity and conversation. Important life lessons were imparted there, including how to cook and the importance of family meals in raising healthy, well-adjusted children.’   These are lessons Terri and her husband took to heart as they raised their four children.

With a background in Coronary Care Nursing and Higher Education, Terri founded Jax Cooking Studio, on Beach Blvd between Hodges and San Pablo

Terri knows, when people learn to cook, they are more likely to share family meals together. The benefits of eating together as a family are significant! Family relationships are improved. Children are more successful in school. They have positive self-esteem and develop a lasting, beneficial relationship with food.

So, Jax Cooking Studio’s classes feature hands-on cooking in teams of 2-3 people with fun, knowledgeable chefs. There are adult classes, kids’ birthday packages, and family courses!

Find out more at ‘jaxcookingstudio.com’