Jacksonville Radio

Are you sick of the “trending” slang words that are being used right now? What if we brought some of these phrases from the 70’s back?!

Words like…..

Skinny…..as in ‘What’s the skinny’….what’s happening?, Tell me about things….

Psych – As in…Just got you!

Hairy Eyeball – Ever gotten a hairy eyeball?  When you look at someone with suspicion

Threads – Another word for clothing

Bogue – Short for bogus

Copacetic – Everything’s copacetic, man.  A surfing term

Turkey – Short for Jive Turkey.  Someone who is not to be trusted

Stella – Right now, we use Karen. But back in the disco era, they had Stella.  Someone who was a little too impressed with themselves

Clodhoppers – Big shoes of any sort

Right on – Works for any kind of exclamatory remark