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We often talk about how special our teachers are… none more so than Carissa.

Carissa is a pre-school teacher who had a student a couple of years ago suffering with Liver damage from birth. The young man had been adopted as an infant and his parents were told he would need a liver transplant eventually.

Recently, the little boy Ezra, was diagnosed with end-stage Liver disease.

Carissa had not seen or talked to the boy in a couple of years, but heard about the diagnosis and was tested to see if she could donate. She was a perfect match!

So, she visited Ezra at home with a huge poster board that read “Would you like to share my Liver? Check Yes or No.” The family couldn’t believe it!

Teachers do more than get you ready for tests, they care deeply about you and your development… to the point where some… more than we know, will go as far as to give your part of their organ.